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MetaVerse – The New Digital World

Metaverse or Metaworld set that many might not be familiar with as of now but the meta universe is here to stay.

The Metaverse – New Digital World

The Metaverse is a concept that we cannot fully discuss or elaborate in a Post.

It has to be a continuous discussion as the metal world evolved.

Facebook recently changes its name from Facebook incorporation to Meta.

This new change is to inculcate virtual reality amongst other things to Facebook’s New vision.

Elon musk has popularized electric vehicle and the use of renewable energy for once’ impossible feats (rocket & electric vehicles).

Up until recently, most of us are unaware that we can actually use the concept of cryptocurrencies to trade and for everyday transactions.

Therefore we can have a cryptocurrency why not a crypto world where everything can be done not just at the top of our fingers but also experiencing the reality of a digital world.

In the year 2021 we saw the advent of a lot of digitalization which has paved the foundation for a new digital world.

Meta verse – New Gold or New Digital Oil

What does the future has in stock for the Metaverse? The simple answer is we don’t know.

We can all but hope and imagine what the new world will be a new world of possibilities!

After all, as far as humans can imagine it, there is nothing call impossibility!

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