Isaac Success
Undisclosed-brain behind at least one popular portal you visit daily in Nigeria. (News, FinTech, eCommerce, Recruitment, Oil & Gas)


2018 - Present


Co-founded Success Joint, a subsidiary of & Career Guidance, A Registered Job Board with a Mission to Reduce Unemployment in Nigeria and Africa at large.

2019 - Present


A Registered e-commerce and Logistics Company that helps businesses grow and overcome Logistics/Branding needs.

2019 - Present

Success Hosting

Co-Founded the Success Hosting platform, a privately run Cloud Hosting platform for selected Top-Brands in Nigeria.

About Me

I’m Isaac Success Olaoye, A Career Coach, Digital Marketer, SEO Expert & Web Developer. 

Most of my best-works are undisclosed due to privacy policies. You might come across them, use them daily and won’t know! 

You might even be using one to view this portal currently! 


2015 (Graduate)

International Relations

2007 (Diploma)

Business Administration

2007 (Diploma)

Numeracy & Statistics


Career Counselor 100%
SEO 100%
Cloud Computing / WordPress 100%
Web Design 90%
Digital Marketing 100%


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